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Noteven the Mouse: A Christmas Tale

What follows is a fun, little rendition of Clement Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It’s also my latest writing challenge for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Helper story contest. If you have any interest in writing for children (or just want to read a fun blog), hop on over to Susanna’s blog. Many thanks also go to the judges and wonderful prize contributors in this contest. And to any co-contestants: best of luck! I’ve already read so many good entries! Aren’t these contests great? Now on to the story!

Photo credit: Annie Platt on Unsplash

Noteven the Mouse (216 words)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

the humans were sleeping, but Noteven, the mouse,

was just winding up for a night on the town.

The cookies were out!

There were crumbs all around!

When what to his wondering ears should he hear?

A clumping!

         A thumping!

                  A ker-flumping–

                           “Oh dear!”

Away to the chimney, he dashed to the flue.

Noteven, the mouse, was wondering, “Who–

is there in the chimney and blocking the way

of Santa’s arrival with gifts the next day!”

To the top of the hearth–

         to the top of the log–

Noteven the mouse skipped a jiggety-jog.

He peered up the chimney and to his surprise–

peering back down were two dark, twinkling eyes!

“I’m stuck!” whispered Santa. “My jacket is caught!

I’m hooked on a nail, and I’m in a tight spot!”

Noteven the mouse, well, he went straight to work.

He nibbled. . .

         He gnawed. . .

                  And then with a JERK–

                           “Oh! Ho, ho, ho–hoooo!”

Santa bellowed with glee

and tumbled right out to land under the tree.

Noteven the mouse scampered straight to his side,

but the jolly, old elf grinned a smile big and wide.

“I thank you, Noteven, for helping me out.

That small act of kindness is what it’s about.”

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