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Poetry and other thoughts~

photo credit: Unsplash

Driving across the bridge,

tail lights ahead like knots on a rope

pulling me across.

A flock of gulls–

sunset light reflecting their whiteness–

appeared like a confetti parade

raining around us–

cheering the weary commuters home.

* * * * *

November light,

always mellow in its late-afternoon way,

electrified the neon orange snow fence.

A blaze orange slash sedately staked along a driveway

to stand guard against the snowy onslaught

* * * * *

Warm reflections of summer pool comfortably near the ceiling,

while the promise of winter heat stoically waits.

And I–

wishing for both–

wait in that moment of dusk,

too reluctant to choose

and thankful it is not mine to do so.

* * * * *

Sometimes the desire to make a big impact creates visions of networks and a social media power. Of loud voices and strong stands. Of isolating others while striving for inclusiveness. Of days and months and years to see the difference. And, this all may be true to some extent. But being the best red leaf in a sea of green and brown–thriving in who you were called to be–can make a big difference right now.

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