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Bonnie day, I think. . .

IMG_0013Meet Bonnie

Isn’t she cute?

I mean really, could she be any more adorable?

She’s a border collie/Australian shepherd mix. Seven weeks old and a rambunctious, waddling ball of fur.

Her bobbed tail wags like a high-speed pendulum anytime you approach her. And she often sits, little pink tongue hanging out, head cocked to one side, her “eyebrows” giving her a thoughtful, serious look.


It was love at first sight.

Seth, who’s fourteen, is the “supposed” owner/keeper of the dog. He, with all his siblings away from home most of the time, needed a furry friend–a romping playmate, a loyal companion, a dog of his boyhood.


What was I thinking?


WAS I thinking?

Did I REALLY think that Seth would be the sole food-giver, puppy-walker, potty policeman, and poop scooper? For heaven’s sake, he’s a fourteen-year-old male; that should have been my first clue.


To back up just a bit, I really didn’t WANT a puppy.

Puppies are a lot of work. . .

. . . many, many potty trips

. . . play time, which sometimes involves walks around the perimeter of our property. Since her legs are only about 6 inches long, this takes us awhile.

. . . “bite training.” She’s a herding dog, and she’d like to herd us. So she’s constantly nipping at our pant legs and biting our ankles. So we always have to have her chew toy handy and teach her not to bite but to chew and tug.

. . . potty. Did I mention taking her out to do her thing?

I wanted about a three-year-old collie mix. Calm. Over the biting and chewing stage. Trained to not jump, dig in my flower beds, or chase cars. But, as life goes, we rarely get what we want. For some reason, there’s always a lesson to be learned by NOT getting what you want.

We got a puppy.

She bites. She jumps. She chews (on my porch furniture!). She piddles–sometimes on your feet if she’s really excited.


 And, yes, she destroys flower beds.

Can you see that one lone iris? Purple and lovely? There were two gorgeous clumps of those blooming for the first time this year around my garden shed.

Ahhh, pride and hard work goeth before a fall. Lesson learned: be sure Bonnie’s leash is tethered out of reach of ANY flower beds.

And so, we are learning like any good puppy-parents, the do’s and don’ts of puppyhood.

DON’T leave her unleashed and unattended because, like any puppy-parent knows, she will find trouble–usually in the garage or on the porch eating something.

DON’T leave her on her leash too long for she will become a berserk ball of fur with tiny razor teeth when you finally let her off. Puppy-parents must play often.


DO have lots of chew toys; they are your best deterrent to her biting and chewing on you. I now find myself scanning the Target ad for sales on doggie toys. Really?

DO have lots of puppy training treats. Bonnie and I are well-trained in our walks around the property. I’m thinking there should be some kind of puppy-parent treats. . .

DO let her do her puppy sort of things. Amidst some recent demolition, she was in puppy heaven retrieving boards and sniffing out critters!IMG_9588

 And, I suppose I have to say this–

DO spoil her a little. . .

IMG_9472Bonnie at the drive-in. . .


Bonnie getting lots of attention at the drive-in. . .

IMG_9474Seth going a little overboard on the spoiling. . .


I knew I was entering a new stage of my life.

I just didn’t realize it would include a puppy.

Bonnie has taken over and I guess that’s not all bad.

A puppy is but a dog, plus high spirits, and minus common sense. ~Agnes Repplier

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