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Multi-tasking, I cannot. . .

               I really don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past five months.

Well, actually, that’s a lie. I do know what I’ve been doing. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that I can’t multi-task anymore.  I don’t know if it’s an age-thing or what. And so, all the things that have kept me busy the last five months have kept me away from my blog. Poor excuse but definitely true.


In the past five months I have. . .

–sent this sweet thing off to her freshman year of college


–sent this guy BACK to college! (Necessitating a move from one apartment to another. Why don’t any of my children stay in the same place more than one year?)


–sent this guy to Hawaii. (Well, the army kind of did that. . .)


–and started into my LAST year of homeschooling with this wonderful 14-year-old.


My LAST YEAR! I’ve been doing this for 19 years, people! I’m not really sure what that means for me, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot!

–remodeled my upstairs bathroom. Well, to be fair, Brent Williams of Ridgeline Construction did a big chunk of the dirty work and installed a gorgeous, new shower.

I, on the other hand, got scammed by HGTV! Or, more specifically, Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict fame. If you’re not familiar with the show, Nicole, this tiny, blond punkster buys dilapidated, old houses and restores them to their former glory. She does this by reusing or remaking other old stuff. And, of course, she makes it all look amazingly easy.

Case in point: Nicole takes this sorry looking buffet, cuts a hole in the top with a jigsaw, plunks a nifty looking sink in (which she found dirt-cheap), hooks up the plumbing and–voila–gorgeous, vintage-look for next to nothing! Annnd, it probably took her about an hour, right?

“Well, isn’t that nifty, honey? I think we should do that in our bathroom. Really, it’ll be great!” says I.

Note to self: when you find the perfect piece, make sure the top doesn’t have two layers of wood making it approximately 4″ thick. Also, just on the off-chance that someone would, for some bizarre reason, put fiberglass material in between the layers, you might want to check for that, too.

Because this was my idea, I talked my dad into helping with the task. This was a good thing. My dad and I work well together. I learned much with this project: 1) jigsaw blades don’t cut through 4″ of hardwood 2) jigsaw blades don’t cut through fiberglass material 3) it’s difficult to cut a nice, neat circle with a jigsaw. What should have been a couple hour project turned into two afternoons with a couple of trips to Home Depot. (I won’t even talk about the plumbing!)

But in the end, we got it done, and I’m quite pleased with the finished product.


 (Oh, and by the way, if you know of anyone who needs a vintage cast iron Kohler sink, I’ve got one for sale!)IMG_8612

All of this took me to the brink of speech season, and once you fall into that abyss you don’t emerge until, well, right about now! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely abyss (most of the time) full of funny, talented kids. But it consumes you in November and spits you back out in March–a bit rumpled and worse for wear. Next week I have the privilege of watching one of our talented seniors perform his acting piece at All-State at UNI. That will put the shining star on the 2014-15 North Polk speech season.

The next morning I will take my steaming cup of coffee out on the porch, sit on my step, and just be still and quiet. I will think flower-thoughts and garden-thoughts. That is all. Because I know, for whatever reason, I can no longer multi-task.

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